We are a historic Christian denomination, but with a big and attractive difference. We try to be truly committed followers of Jesus by finding our own personal walk with Him and by being open to that Spirit that was within Him wherever it may be found. Accordingly, we have an interest in spirituality per-se, revealed to us in nature, in each other, and in the works of humankind, including other great religions.


This makes us proudly liberal. Which does not mean that anything goes or that we are to the left of any argument. It means that we are open-minded; that we feel that there is always more for us to learn about God. If this is you or something like the person you'd like to become, or you think we'd be good company, please join us as much or as little as you like. It's free, and who knows how much you might gain! Formal membership is by invitation after a period of committed attendance.


You can read more about the unitarian movement, its beliefs and activities, at unitarian.org.uk 

To read about unitarians belief, visit unitarian.org.uk/pages/faith

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