Downlock: PPE for Everybody ASAP

Posted on April 26, 2020 by Julian Smith

The current lockdown was to save the NHS from being overwhelmed and to ensure those needing specialist treatment received it, so as to stand a better chance of surviving. That has worked spectacularly well, thanks to selfless NHS staff, the Armed Forces, the police and above all all our stay at home heroes. So the question now is do we stay in lockdown indefinitely or begin downlock and, if so, how and at what pace? We can’t stay in lockdown indefinitely until we have a vaccine, a cure or sufficient herd immunity. None of those things is in sight, the economy cannot bear much more, and a cost-benefit analysis points to any continuing lockdown being more fatal than the disease itself. 

Which brings us back to PPE, which used to be a would-be politician’s degree at Oxford, and is now face masks etc. In any enquiry after this, the failure of successive governments to stockpile this here and abroad will be highlighted. That we have not been able to fully protect NHS and care home workers putting their and their families lives at risk is horrendous and unforgivable. We are still struggling to provide them with PPE. Given that struggle, the national effort needs to move away from the NHS to PPE ASAP so those on the frontline and all of us can be supplied with PPE and get back to work and life and buying-in goods and services where DIY is not possible or worthwhile. 

It’ll be odd to see us all masked-up, but social distancing won’t cut it, and there will be a time when we can all take them off. Until then, PPE, PPE, PPE!

J x