A Week Before Full Remembrance: Still Open & By Zoom

Posted on November 17, 2020 by Julian Smith

Dear Friends

Greetings from a very quiet day here, even for the usually quiet backstreets of Waterloo. Our friend Jodie’s shut-up shop at the Kings Arms on Roupell Street and it’ll be some time until Sue and Andrew have fun with her at work again in our much-loved ‘local’.We’ve been busy on several rather pressing matters, including working with the hall users we still have to ensure closure, or in a particular church’s case to ensure opening for private prayer / broadcasting only; Jason has arranged for his musical offerings accompanying our private prayer each week during lockdown to be broadcast via Zoom for those who cannot join us in person; on top of all his preparations for Full Remembrance on Sunday when he is joined by his oboist friend Felicity Cliffe; and I have been planning a Covid-19 death funeral I will be conducting on 20th November.

Do join us on Sunday if you can, ideally in person. Jason’s made a real effort, we’ve seats spare even with our limited numbers, and this is the time to mourn and celebrate the lives of our beloved, those killed in war and by terrorism, and those lost to Covid-19. If Richard can join us, we’d be obliged for him to wear his medals. He’s our only proper ex-soldier, of a distinguished rank too, and we’re very proud of him not least on this account.To join us by Zoom each Sunday until further notice is as below. Thanks again to Jason, and please be patient especially this Sunday. My thoughts on Sunday will be particularly with those who cannot join us in person during lockdown, especially our stalwarts Bruce and John and not forgetting Bruce’s Joan, whom I hope to see along with David and hopefully Pat near their homes from time to time in the coming weeks. It was good to see Alex just before lockdown who hopes to work from home in London rather than Oxford, and whom we hope to see again too. Please e-mail me your news, all of you, and call anytime: 0207 9282991.

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Much love